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How NAD+ Works To Reverse Aging And Aid Recovery

1st March 2019

Our levels of NAD+ dramatically decrease as we grow older. In fact, by the time we’re 50, we have around 50% less NAD+ than we did when we were younger. By 80, NAD levels can be around just 5% of that when we were in our prime.

NAD helps manage our ageing process, as well as decreasing other important ageing elements including DNA damage and illness.

In fact, a study at Harvard revealed that NAD reversed the age of mice. It’s also an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against addictions – and there aren’t many addictions out there which aren’t linked to ageing people both externally and internally too.

If the results of the Harvard study were to be extrapolated to a human, where the mice showed a 5% increase in lifespan following NAD+ treatment, we could on average increase our life expectancy by four years.

Here are the eight key mechanisms of NAD+ which support a reduction in the ageing process: