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Cardio Plus

Do you run, hike, swim, cycle or play sports? Your body may not be getting what it needs to keep up.

Let’s change that. With NADdirect’s Cardio Plus supplement, you can start to work out smarter and reach every goal you set – it’s all down to a mix of fatty acids, antioxidants and the co-enzyme NAD+ to fight exhaustion before it becomes limiting.

Muscle pain is reduced. Cramps fade quickly. You can stay on your game for longer, and recover faster.

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Benefits of NADclinic Cardio Plus include

  • Fight exhaustion and boost recovery times
  • Reduce muscle pains and cramps
  • Increase levels of NAD+ in your body
  • Assists in boosting the immune system
  • Boosts cell’s ability to create the energy your body and mind need
  • Slows and reduces the ageing process
  • Assists in improving the body’s ability to repair DNA
  • Helps relieve feelings of stress and anxiety
  • The perfect anecdote to a hectic lifestyle
  • Order with confidence!
  • NADdirect is a British wellness brand with clinics in London and offices in Manchester
  • All our supplement products meet GMP manufacturing standards
  • Contact us at any time with your questions or for post-purchase support


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