Meet NAD+, the miracle molecule

NAD+ is a type of molecule that helps with energy production in every cell of the body. It was discovered in the early 1900s during research into fermentation (which is a similar process to how our bodies generate energy). Since then, has been proven to support a number of biological processes, including ageing, performance and immunity.

NAD+ levels decline with age

NAD+ diminishes in our bodies with age and through certain lifestyle factors, declining by 50% at age 40. But maintaining levels is absolutely critical for optimised health, from mental performance, to physical metabolism, to neuroprotection and cardiovascular benefits. Put simply, NAD+ can help us to live well longer.

Six pillars of wellness

Optimum NAD+ levels can yield the following benefits

Human performance

Elevate your physical and mental performance with NAD+ to achieve peak condition, enhancing endurance, strength, and cognitive clarity.


NAD+ supports cellular repair and DNA protection, contributing to longer, healthier lives by slowing down the ageing process.

Sexual health

By improving blood flow and energy levels, NAD+ boosts sexual health and function, enhancing libido and performance.

Metabolic syndrome

NAD+ plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism, aiding in the management of conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Hair & skin

Nourish your hair and skin from within with NAD+, promoting a radiant, youthful appearance through enhanced cell regeneration.

Weight management

Support your weight loss journey with NAD+, which enhances metabolism and fat burning, making it easier to manage and maintain a healthy weight.