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NAD BioAge Test

NAD BioAge Test

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Through the BioAge Test, you can accurately determine your body's biological age. Stop counting your age by birthdays or the frown lines on your face — those are only numbers. The only number that matters is your biological DNA age. Biological age compared to chronological measures how well or poorly our body is functioning relative to our chronological age.

Whats included?

• You will get a full report with your cellular age
• Development of an individual therapy plan based on your results
• Complete and targeted support of your ageing process throughout your life
• Individual food, lifestyle and nutrient recommendations to slow down the ageing process
• Recommendations for tailor-made customised supplements according to your individual needs

After our medical team received back your results, we will schedule a remote consultation with one of our experts and discuss the results. Afterwards the reports can be viewed and downloaded from a secure personal area.
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