International Week of Happiness at work

International Week of Happiness at work: 3 ways that NAD+ supplements can help you improve your happiness at work

Having a happy work environment should be something every company strives to create. Not only is happiness at work great for employees, but companies can benefit too. Happy employees make better workers; they’re more productive, flexible, resilient, creative and they take fewer sick days. But the onus isn’t just on employers to create a happy work environment. Employees too have a personal responsibility to take charge of their own workplace happiness. If you’re looking to boost your happiness at work, here are 3 ways NAD+ supplements can help.

They improve your concentration, energy levels & focus

Have you ever had one of those days, or even weeks, when you just seem to be flying? You’re consistently on top of things, you’re on your A-game, and you’re smashing targets? It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’re performing at your peak. And it brings about a level of happiness at work that is unrivalled. But it can be pretty difficult to maintain that level of focus and concentration long-term, without getting burnt out. Well with NAD+ supplements you can perform consistently. NAD+ supplements allow you to take on the high-pressure arena of business, and support the body by boosting immunity, mental alertness and the creativity and focus that comes with it – all while fighting fatigue. Earn your place at the top and stay there with the help of NAD+ supplements. They allow you to get back on form and maintain your competitive edge by helping you combat long hours at the office and frequent flying.

They help you discover your untapped creative potential

Do you often feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Has your mind gone blank? Are you suffering with writer’s block? It’s a terrible feeling and can leave you desperately unhappy at work and often feeling like a failure. NAD+ supplements help feed your creativity from the inside by focusing your mind and breeding innovation, impulse and excellence. With regular NAD+ supplements you can do anything you set your mind to. You’ll find your motivation and inspiration is back - and with it your happiness! Feel the creativity flow with regular NAD+ supplementation. NAD+ helps you refresh, restore and reset to keep your creativity alive and kicking, leaving you happier at work.

They boost mental health by easing stress & anxiety

High pressure jobs, long hours and impossible targets can cause extreme amounts of stress and anxiety. Especially if you’re running on little sleep or you’re jet-lagged. Over time, your mental health can really start to take a nose dive meaning you’re not performing at your best which makes you feel worse and before you know it you’re trapped in a cycle you can’t seem to get out of. NAD+ supplements can help boost your mental health by easing stress and anxiety, improving your sleep quality, and boosting cognitive function. Want to learn more about NAD+ supplements and how they can help you in your professional life? Shop NAD+ supplements or contact us to learn more - +44 (0) 20 7935 1155