Can NAD+ supplements help with addiction?

Can NAD+ supplements help with addiction?

Overcoming addiction is one of the hardest things an individual can do. The physical and mental toll addiction can take is often gigantic and because of cravings and withdrawal, kicking the habit for good is something many people struggle with.

Thousands of people each year reach out for help with substance abuse issues and the latest government statistics categories those people in treatment as follows:

However, there are many other people searching for accompanying or alternative treatments for addiction and this is where NAD+ can help.

Here are 3 ways NAD+ therapy can help people beat addiction once and for all.

Curbs cravings and reduces withdrawal symptoms

Getting past cravings and withdrawal are usually the hardest parts of addiction recovery. This is the point at which many people relapse and they never make it further than a few days or weeks of withdrawal. Then the whole cycle starts again. NAD+ supplements can help break this cycle by counteracting cravings and withdrawal by binding to the opiate receptors that drugs and alcohol stimulate with that ‘feel-good’ sensation. NAD+ binding to your receptors in this way reduces the craving feeling and reduces withdrawal.

Detoxifies your body

Addiction takes a heavy toll on your body and in particular produces free radicals that play havoc with your health. These free radicals cause cellular damage throughout the body meaning our cells aren’t working as well as they should causing us to feel terrible in lots of different ways. However, NAD+ is an excellent detoxifier, ridding the body of these free radicals and other toxins, giving your body the best opportunity to repair itself for a full recovery.

NAD+ helps to:

  • Assist with brain restoration and neurotransmitter repair
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve sleep
  • Stabilise mood
  • Boost immune system

Restore cognitive clarity and brain function

As we’ve already said, addiction is as much a mental concern as it is a physical one. Long-term addiction can really change the way the brain behaves, leading to brain fog, confusion, poor decision making, memory loss and generally cognitive decline.  NAD+ can help to restore cognitive clarity and brain function and stabilise mood to help you feel more like yourself and give you the mental capacity to overcome your addiction. Boosting NAD+ levels also leaves you more alert, more mentally sharp and generally more energised to make the entire detox journey that little bit easier.

NAD+ supplements are not a miracle cure, and they can’t erase addiction or the physical and neurological damage caused by addiction overnight, but they are a wonderful natural supplement that can be used in conjunction with other therapies such as CBT, talking therapy, NAD+ IV therapy, self help groups and other medication. 

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