Why am I always tired? How supplements could help

Why am I always tired? How supplements could help

Feeling constantly exhausted is actually a pretty common complaint in many people. In fact, it’s so common that the NHS has its own acronym to describe it - TATT, which stands for tired all the time. If you’ve ruled out any legitimate physical medical reasons that could be causing your tiredness, you’ll need to consider both psychological and lifestyle factors.

Lifestyle factors that cause tiredness

The way you live day-to-day can be a huge factor in how tired you feel.

Working long hours

A high pressure job that is incredibly demanding can leave you feeling exhausted and drained, especially if you’re working extremely long hours and have to travel a lot.


Consuming a lot of alcohol can leave you feeling incredibly fatigued as it messes with your sleep patterns and decreases the quality of your sleep overall - specifically your REM cycle.


Having a poor diet that is full of processed food and not enough nutrients can leave you feeling lethargic.


Drinking too many caffeinated beverages such as fizzy drinks, coffee and tea can over stimulate you and disrupt your sleep.

Psychological causes of tiredness

If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or stress, it can leave you feeling mentally and physically drained. If you’re waking up from a full night’s sleep and are still finding it difficult to get out of bed and you’re feeling lethargic there’s a good chance you could be suffering from any one of the above. And unfortunately, a lot of the time, they go hand in hand. So if you have one of those psychological problems, you could very well have some of the others.

Getting help for constant tiredness

There are numerous ways that you can combat tiredness. Addressing any of the above concerns would be the best place to start, i.e. changing your lifestyle habits and seeking professional help for any mood disorders. But another thing can help is by looking into anti fatigue supplements. Sometimes it isn’t possible to completely change your lifestyle. For example, if your work demands long hours there’s not really anything you can do about that. And that’s where supplements for fatigue could help boost your energy levels. Additionally, if you’re nailing your work/life balance and have great nutrition with little alcohol but just want that extra boost - fatigue supplements can help. Our NAD+ supplements are fantastic for helping combat fatigue and give you that much needed energy boost to see you through the day. Take a look at our supplements for fatigue and please get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements.
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