BioGenetic 360° Test


The DNA of BioGenetic 360° Test
By analysing 384 genetic variations, this test helps you understand your body better and how to provide it with the nutrients it really needs. It is the most complete nutrigenetic analysis in the market.

Innovative Algorithm To Personalised Longevity

The BioGen 360 Test is an innovative two-parametric genetic test looking at significant genetic variations connected to each individual’s predisposition to metabolize certain nutrients and the telomere length – the marker for biological age. Polymorphisms in specific genes allow whether someone is prone to obesity and diseases related to it. Individuals who store fat more efficiently are more likely to present obesity. Some other gene variations may also indicate the ability or not to digest lactose, for instance, thus predicting if they might or not experience discomfort after eating food containing it.

Measuring Biological Age

The telomeres shorten in every cell-division cycle and the decreasing of its length is directly associated with aging. In cases of early aging, telomeric length is often detected as shorter than expected, providing information about the degree of cellular aging of the body. Telomeric length is one of the most relevant biomarkers related with body aging. Being able to maintain longer telomeres is related with increased lifespan and retarding the development of age-related diseases.

Understanding your cell biological age allows professionals to clearly approach the right treatments.

The BioAge Tests works by measuring the length of telomeres, organic 'caps' which cover the ends of each strand of DNA and protect it during cell replication. This 'cap' shortens every time a cell divides, eventually becoming so short that cells can't function properly and die. While this occurs naturally over our lifecycle, certain factors can expedite the process, including:
• Poor diet
• Lack of exercise
• Smoking & alcohol consumption
• Obesity
• Stress

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The perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle, all our NAD+ supplement products meet GMP manufacturing standards. Now available in a handy 20 tablet packet. Benefits include:

Optimises brain performance
Reduces oxidative stress
Improves cognitive function
Promotes healthy mitochondria
Natural memory enhancer
Maximises cellular health
Improves mental & physical performance
Repairs & maintains healthy DNA
Fights signs of ageing & fatigue
Improves motivation & feelings of self-purpose
Fortifies your immune system
Improves focus & concentration
Helps synergise hundreds of integral processes in your cells
Increases NAD+ levels and activates critical sirtuins

Vegetarian, vegan and contains no artificial colours.

Produced in a GMP, SAHPRA and FDA-compliant, registered facility with rigorous third-party testing by independent labs during and after testing.


A simple summary of NAD+

It all starts in our cells. Through a process called cellular respiration, our cells release chemical energy, which in turn fuels our biological processes. NAD+ is a coenzyme which helps break down the molecules in this process. According to research, low levels of NAD+ are at least one factor that causes age-related problems in our bodies. Of course, lifestyle can play a part in your levels of NAD+. Discover yours below.


Founder & CEO

Iain became an advocate of NAD+ through his own personal experiences. Before establishing NADclinic, he co-founded the successful Step 1 Recover rehabilitation centre group and realised that NAD+ could be used to help treat alcohol dependency.