5 reasons to take NAD+ supplements

5 reasons to take NAD+ supplements

We’re always being told to make sure we’re getting all our vitamins and minerals; and alongside a healthy and well-balanced diet, taking supplements is seen as the perfect way to hit your daily targets. But one supplement that isn’t talked about nearly enough is NAD+. NAD+ is something we should all be taking on a regular basis, especially once we reach the age of 40. And here are just 5 reasons why…

1. For anti-ageing: inside and out

NAD+ has unique anti-ageing properties that slow down the ageing process on a cellular level. Most of the signs and symptoms we associate with age are actually directly linked with declining levels of NAD+. Scientists have discovered that many of these chronic conditions actually begin in cells that aren't metabolising effectively – in other words, these diseases have a mitochondrial basis, something NAD+ is directly responsible for. By supplementing with NAD+ you can slow down the effects of ageing from the inside and see the benefits on the outside.

2. To bolster your immune system

As we head into cold and flu season, and with COVID nowhere near dormant, there’s never been a better time to strengthen your immune system. Flu jabs only account for one type of flu and they aren't effective against seasonal bugs or colds. The only defence against those is a solid immune system. NAD+ is the ideal supplement to take if you;re looking to bolster your immune system.

3. For better athletic performance

Whether you’re a top tier athlete, a gym lover or you have sporting hobbies, NAD+ can help boost your performance. Not only does NAD+ help boost energy levels and improve reaction times, which are essential for peak athletic performance, incorporating NAD+ into your wellness or exercise routine can help develop muscles during workouts. NAD+ has also been shown to assist in muscle recovery and repair post-workout so your recovery times are quicker.

4. To improve your sleep

NAD+ can not only help you get a longer sleep, but can improve the actual quality of your sleep. Even those people who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia can see benefits when they start taking NAD+ supplements. Additionally, NAD+ can actually increase cellular performance to help negate jet lag and fatigue associated with travelling by resetting your circadian rhythm.

5. For increased brain function

Memory loss, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating are all symptoms of age-related cognitive degeneration and NAD+ supplements can help you overcome these. NAD+ supplements can stimulate neural plasticity, reduce neuroinflammation, and promote mental sharpness to boost overall brain function. Not only that but they also help improve both creative and critical thinking to increase performance in both work and personal environments. Additionally, NAD+ has been shown to boost serotonin, the “feel-good” chemical within the brain to help with depression and anxiety.

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