menopause brain fog

How to combat brain fog during the menopause

For women that are experiencing menopause, no doubt you are experiencing difficulties as your body goes through such a big change. Whether you’re facing increased memory loss or find yourself unable to focus when it comes to working, the good news is there is a supplement you could take to reduce your brain fog. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how NAD+ supplements can bring about increased energy and help you combat brain fog when going through menopause. Read on to find out all you need to know!

Common Symptoms of Menopause

There is an abundance of symptoms that can be attributed to menopause, however, brain fog is one of the most common:

Brain fog

Let’s talk about menopause and brain fog. While for many women brain fog is often experienced on a mild level, for some it can be debilitating. Signs of brain fog include forgetfulness as well as having difficulty when it comes to concentrating on tasks.

Memory loss

Memory loss is a very common symptom among women going through menopause. Again, memory loss is often experienced in the short term, however, some women experience more serious, long-term memory loss.

Night sweats

Waking up in the night incredibly hot and sweaty is again another symptom attributed to menopause. As a result, many women find that they sleep poorer when going through menopause.

Hot flushes

Hot flushes can come and go at any point of the day for women going through menopause which can make everyday life rather uncomfortable.

Mood swings

Since such dramatic hormonal changes are taking place in the body during menopause, it is completely natural to experience mood swings. For some women, these mood swings can be particularly difficult to handle as they often seem to come from nowhere.

Lower libido

As women age, it is normal for their libido to decrease. Women who are in the menopause phase of their life will often find that their libido drops to a nearly non-existent level.

NAD+ Supplements For Menopause Brain Fog

If you’re a woman who is experiencing brain fog due to menopause, a NAD+ supplement could help you with these symptoms. Since cognitive changes are one of the most reported symptoms of menopause, it is a good idea to know what your treatment options are. NAD+ supplements work by improving focus and concentration as well as fighting general ageing. With regular use, they can contribute to a healthy immune system making you less susceptible to the physical pain that comes with menopause.