World Health Day: How NAD+ supplements can boost your health and wellbeing

World Health Day: How NAD+ supplements can boost your health and wellbeing

This World Health Day, WHO is focusing global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on wellbeing. The prevailing thought is that “Wellbeing societies are healthy societies” so with that in mind, here are some NAD+ supplements that can boost your health and wellbeing.

Supplements for health and wellness

Optima Max

Our Optima Max supplement is pure NAD+, based on the same formulation as our signature NAD+ IV in an oral form. It optimises brain and cellular health while promoting a reduction in the cellular ageing process. Other benefits include improving focus, concentration and cognitive function, protecting and repairing DNA (which promotes healthy ageing) and supporting the immune system. Key benefits include:
  • fights signs of ageing & fatigue
  • optimises brain performance
  • fortifies your immune system
  • improves focus & concentration


Our Tryptophan supplement can assist with positive mood and mental wellbeing, as well as general health, through the natural healing ability of your body. The unique formula works to boost serotonin, beta-endorphins and dopamine and in turn, reduce depression, anxiety and insomnia while boosting pain threshold. Memory, focus and energy are all enhanced, while an anti-inflammatory effect protects the immune system. Physically, headaches and migraines are alleviated while heart health is improved. These anti-stress & anxiety supplements have a range of benefits:
  • preserves cognitive function during ageing
  • supports healthy cellular metabolism
  • can reduce soreness & aches


Our NAD+ Anti-Ageing supplements contain 14 cell-protecting ingredients which protect against oxidative stress, a leading cause of cell damage. It also contains the necessary nutrients to regenerate cells, prevent cell ageing and boost recovery energy. Benefits include:
  • preserves cognitive function during ageing
  • supports healthy cellular metabolism
  • can reduce soreness & aches

Librium Plus

Our Librium Plus supplement contains nutrients that may support cell regeneration and recovery energy, and assist with fatigue, general well-being and the natural healing ability of your body. It includes rosea, which may help to reduce mild anxiety, panic attacks and sleep disturbances, and 5HTP, a naturally-occurring amino acid that aids the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Benefits of our supplement for fatigue include:
  • reduce anxiety
  • recharge your body
  • improve sleep
  • reduce fatigue


Our NeuroLinx supplement enhances neuro protection, blood vessel relaxation and the brain’s adaptogenic abilities. The nutrients in this formulation may support the capture and recall of memory, concentration, mental clarity and could enhance learning abilities. This particular NAD+ supplement helps to:
  • boost creativity
  • support healthy cellular metabolism
  • can enhance learning abilities

Memory Plus

Our Memory Plus supplement contains minerals, vitamins, plant enzymes, fatty amino acids and antioxidants which may strengthen the immune system, enhance natural memory, boost mental clarity, aid recall, reduce the difficulties associated with memory loss and improve cognitive function. Benefits of our supplements for memory:
  • natural memory enhancer
  • improve cognitive function
  • reduce difficulties associated with memory loss
Buy NAD+ supplements Life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving. That’s why we’re proud to say our wellbeing supplements help you achieve that delicate balance to boost mental and physical health, so you can be your best you and feel on top form. When looking for NAD+ supplements online, you’ll find that the market is full of supplements which claim to be and to contain highly effective NAD+. But that’s not always the case. It's very important that if you’re buying a supplement which is named NAD, that you take care that you have a real NAD+ product and not any precursors who can't promise to turn into NAD+. Our supplements are the real thing and contain NAD+. In fact, our Optima Max NAD+ supplement is based upon the exact same formulation as our revolutionary NAD+ IV therapy. This World Health Day, give yourself the gift of boosted health and wellbeing by trying some of our NAD+ supplements.