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How NAD+ supplements can help with weight loss

For many, weight loss can be a lifelong struggle. And even when you’ve committed to a healthy diet and exercise regime, it can be tough to reach your weight loss goals. But extra help is available.

NAD+ supplements are a fantastic way to aid weight loss and help you not only achieve your fat loss goals, but maintain them as well.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ is a naturally occurring coenzyme that is found in all of us. It’s so important to our health and wellbeing and plays a vital role in how well we age. Powering our mitochondria within our cells, it’s responsible for many different functions such as energy supply, sleep, skin and hair health, brain function and even weight management. If you’re struggling with weight management or have stubborn areas of fat that you can’t shift, NAD+ supplements can help.

How NAD+ can help with weight loss

NAD+ supplements can help with weight loss in four different ways

1. Reduces cravings

Increasing NAD+ levels can help to reduce cravings for high fat, sugary foods and alcohol. In the long-term, this can help you shift unwanted fat and help you reach your target weight.

2. Speeds up the metabolism

As we get older, our metabolism slows down as our NAD+ levels naturally decline. But by topping up our levels using NAD+ supplements, it’s possible to speed up your metabolism to burn calories more effectively. More specifically, studies have shown that NAD+ supplements can reduce weight gain by up to 60% when a person is eating a high-fat diet.

3. Reduces chronic fatigue

Energising the body from within, NAD+ supercharges your cells to reduce chronic fatigue to allow you to go for longer. You’ll wake up more energised and refreshed and won’t experience the peaks and troughs of energy depletion throughout the day. There has been lots of research into the link between NAD+ and chronic fatigue, dating as far back as 1999 which show that NAD+ may reduce symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome including fatigue, muscle pain and weakness.

4. Aids athletic performance and recovery

NAD+ supplements can help you exercise more intensely for longer and can even speed up recovery times so you can get back at it more quickly. Research has shown that increasing NAD+ levels can also improve muscle function and can even help to create healthier muscle tissue.

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