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NAD+ Levels Test Kit

NAD+ Levels Test Kit

Giá thông thường £199.00 GBP
Giá thông thường £199.00 GBP Giá ưu đãi £199.00 GBP
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As we age, lowering NAD+ levels can have a direct impact on our overall health: from sleep quality to energy levels and cognitive function.

This minimally-invasive blood test gives accurate data on a person’s current NAD+ levels (along with three other longevity biomarkers: Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc). Using this data, NADclinic’s secure online portal will share tailored recommendations on appropriate IV protocols and supplementation.

The NAD+ Levels Test will allow you to:

  • Understand and optimise your NAD+ levels
  • Take informed decisions about your supplementation
  • Protect from oxidative stress
  • Optimise energy & cognition
  • Improve sleep quality
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